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Amazon One scanner at whole food store

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Amazon has announced on Wednesday to bring forth its Amazon One palm scanner to the whole food store in Seattle. It was previously introduced in September 2020 and is continued to be used in the several Amazon stores like Amazon Go, Amazon Go grocery, Amazon Books, Amazon 4-star, Amazon Pop Up etc., in the Seattle area. Many customers have already started availing the facility in the Amazon stores, as per one of the retailers.

The Amazon One processes your palm’s minute features and gets it encrypted through imaging and algorithms, thereby creating a unique palm signature that is solely yours. You can then use it on every single purchase you make. The objective is to ensure a secure and convenient way of payment that can’t be stolen.

It is a handy way of making a payment for your purchased items by just placing your palm over the scanner. The payment method is enabled for customers if they have linked their credit cards to their palm prints using Kiosk. Once it’s linked, customers can pay using their palm prints. Amazon, however, clarifies that this payment method will not replace other existing payment alternatives. Customers can pay through their desired payment methods. 

Not only this, the customers, in the upcoming days, will be able to link their Amazon One credential with their existing Amazon account and avail the prime membership discounts applied to their purchased goods in the whole food stores. 

Amazon One currently supports payment from the American Express cards and Visa cards from the banks, including Chase Bank, Synchrony Bank, PNC Bank and US Bank. 

Amazon has already set its foot in the grocery front managing to get a hold of around $13 Billion market share.

After having appeared in the grocery chains, the Amazon One is expected to be introduced to the companies like vendors, stadiums and office buildings.